Bureo: Turning Ocean Waste into Sustainable Innovations

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Bureo: Turning Ocean Waste into Sustainable Innovations

Where environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important, companies that prioritize sustainable practices are gaining recognition and support. One such company is Bureo, a brand that is on a mission to turn ocean waste into sustainable innovations.

Founded by Ben Kneppers, Kevin Ahearn, and David Stover, Bureo is making a significant impact on waste management and environmental sustainability. Bureo was inspired by the founders' passion for the ocean and their desire to find a solution to the growing problem of ocean plastic pollution.

The name "Bureo" comes from the language of the Mapuche people of Chile and means "waves." This name reflects the founders' commitment to the ocean and their dedication to addressing the issue of ocean waste.

What Bureo Does

  • Transforming ocean plastic into sustainable products: Bureo's primary focus is on transforming ocean plastic into sustainable products. They collect discarded fishing nets from coastal communities in Chile and other parts of the world and process them into a material called NetPlus.
  • Impact on waste management and environmental sustainability: By collecting and recycling fishing nets, Bureo is making a significant impact on waste management and environmental sustainability.
  • Collaboration with local communities and fishermen: Bureo's collaboration with local communities and fishermen is a key aspect of their work. They provide collection points for fishing nets in coastal communities, creating an economic incentive for fishermen to dispose of their nets responsibly.
  • Innovative approach to recycling fishing nets: Bureo's approach to recycling fishing nets is also innovative. They have developed specialized machinery that allows them to process the nets efficiently and effectively.

Products Offered by Bureo

Bureo offers a range of sustainable products, all made from recycled fishing nets. One of their flagship products is skateboards and longboards.

Materials used and benefits of using recycled fishing nets: These boards are made using Bureo's NetPlus material, which is not only environmentally friendly but also provides excellent performance.

Bureo has also collaborated with skateboarding brand Real to create a line of co-branded skateboards. In addition to skateboards, Bureo offers sunglasses made from sustainable materials. These sunglasses are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Bureo has partnered with eyewear brand Karün to create these sunglasses.

Another unique product offered by Bureo is a Jenga-style block game made from 100% recycled fishing nets. Made from 100% recycled fishing nets, this game, called "Net Jenga," is not only fun to play but also serves as a reminder of the importance of recycling and reducing plastic waste.

Bureo collaborated with outdoor gear brand Patagonia to create this innovative product. Bureo is constantly working on developing new products and exploring new applications for their NetPlus material.

Sustainability and Environmental Friendliness

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are at the core of Bureo's operations. Bureo's commitment to social responsibility goes beyond waste management.

The materials and production processes used by Bureo are carefully chosen to ensure sustainability. Bureo is committed to educating consumers about ocean pollution and sustainability.

Where to Find Bureo's Products

Bureo's products are available online through their website and various retailers. In addition to online sales, Bureo also has a presence in physical stores and pop-up shops. Bureo has a global presence and is expanding its reach to new markets. Bureo also has an online platform for recycling fishing nets from individuals and businesses.

Why Consider Sustainability When Shopping

Considering sustainability when shopping is crucial for several reasons. Supporting sustainable and socially responsible businesses has numerous benefits. Bureo plays a vital role in promoting sustainability and creating a cleaner future. Consumers have the power to make a difference through their purchasing choices.


Bureo's work is a shining example of how innovation and sustainability can go hand in hand. By turning ocean waste into sustainable products, they are making a significant impact on waste management and environmental conservation. It is up to consumers to support and amplify the efforts of companies like Bureo, ultimately creating a cleaner and more sustainable world for future generations.