Miaou: A Fashion Brand with a Sustainable and Edgy Aesthetic

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Miaou: A Fashion Brand with a Sustainable and Edgy Aesthetic

Feeling good in what you're wearing has always been at the heart of Miaou. The New York-based fashion brand, founded by designer Alexia Elkaim in 2016, is known for its trendy and edgy designs, particularly its signature denim pieces featuring bold hardware and unique silhouettes. However, what sets Miaou apart is its commitment to sustainability, ethical production practices, and empowerment.


The Story of Miaou

Designer Alexia Elkaim was hunting for a pair of pants that would serve as the "perfect fit," not just for her but for her friends. The search was fruitless, and so in 2016, Elkaim took things into her own hands, designing a one-off pair of denim pants inspired by a favorite Parisian vintage find and effectively creating what we now know as Miaou. These body-hugging jeans quickly catapult Miaou into the spotlight, captivating influencers and friends alike and starting Elkaim on a larger-than-life journey.

Elkaim's life leading up to the inception of Miaou was always split between Paris, New York, and Los Angeles. These cities raised her and gave her a penchant for vintage clothing. Searching for vintage pieces and scouring flea markets in whatever city she found herself in became a cherished tradition that has shaped Elkaim and Miaou into what they are today. After launching its one-off jeans, Miaou blossomed into an innovative ready-to-wear brand, with Elkaim expanding its offerings from their signature trousers to ready-to-wear lavish corsets, timeless dresses, and even sexy swimwear, all with the same core intention - making the wearer feel good.


Miaou's Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Miaou is committed to high standards of ethics in everything it does. The brand aims to uphold a common set of expectations, practices, and principles for ethics, social responsibility, and environmental protection throughout its supply chain. Accordingly, Miaou not only expects its suppliers to fully comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations but also expects each supplier to go beyond legal compliance to strive to meet internationally recognized standards.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and supplier responsibility, Miaou reserves the right to confirm compliance with these expectations and to conduct, or have conducted, periodic compliance audits of its suppliers without prior notice. The brand is also a member of 1% for the Planet and contributes at least one percent of its annual sales to the organization's mission of funding a collective of environmental organizations dedicated to the environment.

One thing that sets Miaou apart from other fashion brands is its commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices. Miaou uses environmentally-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled denim. It works with factories and suppliers, prioritizing fair labor practices and worker safety. It goes beyond legal compliance and strives to meet internationally recognized standards. Miaou is helping to promote social responsibility and environmental protection in the fashion industry.


Miaou's Fashion-Forward Aesthetic

Miaou's clothing and accessories are designed to be edgy, trend-driven, and statement-making, emphasizing bold prints, unique cuts, and eye-catching details. The brand's denim pieces often feature distinctive grommets, zippers, and snaps, while its tops and dresses may include lace-up accents, ruching, or asymmetrical hems. Miaou's jackets are designed to be statement pieces, often featuring bold prints, eye-catching hardware, and distinctive silhouettes.

Miaou's range of clothing and accessories includes tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, and accessories that complement the brand's clothing and add an extra element of edge and sophistication to any outfit. For example, Miaou offers a range of belts, bags, and jewelry that can complete any outfit and add an extra touch of personality.



Miaou's Empowerment Focus

Miaou is committed to empowering its wearers and promoting inclusivity through extended sizing. The brand aims to create a sense of community among its wearers and promote self-confidence through fashion. Miaou's focus on extended sizing ensures that more people can feel that "perfect fit" moment and feel included in the global Miaou community.


Miaou's Charitable Initiatives

Miaou has been involved in several charitable initiatives, including a partnership with the Women's Prison Association to provide job training and employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated women. By using its platform to support causes that align with its values and mission, Miaou is demonstrating its commitment to positively impacting society.

In addition to its partnership with the Women's Prison Association, Miaou is a member of 1% for the Planet and contributes at least one percent of its annual sales to environmental organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. By supporting these organizations, Miaou is working towards a more sustainable future.


Final Thoughts

Miaou is a unique and distinctive fashion brand that combines edgy, trend-driven designs with sustainable and ethical production practices. The brand's commitment to empowering its wearers and promoting inclusivity through extended sizing, as well as its involvement in charitable initiatives, demonstrates its dedication to positively impacting society. Miaou's fashion-forward aesthetic, signature hardware and unique details, and range of clothing and accessories make it a brand worth checking out for anyone who wants to make a statement with their fashion choices.


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