Sips by: Unveiling the Personalized Tea Journey of a Female-Led Company Championing Diversity and Community

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Sips by: Unveiling the Personalized Tea Journey of a Female-Led Company Championing Diversity and Community

Finding your perfect match can be an overwhelming journey in the vast world of teas. This is where Sips by, a female-founded and led company, steps in to make the process not just simple but also a personalized and joyful experience.


The Birth of Sips by

Sips by was born in 2017 out of the living room of Staci Brinkman, a passionate tea lover who wanted to make discovering great tea fun, personalized, and affordable. Staci's journey to discovering tea, from a hobby to a full-blown passion, inspired her to create a platform that could be everyone's tea friend, guiding them through the world of tea.


The Core Business: Personalized Tea Discovery

The core business of Sips revolves around a unique proposition: personalized tea discovery. This service takes personalization seriously, creating a taste profile for each member based on multiple data sources. This includes their answers to the tea quiz, product ratings, and tea notes. It's a human-powered personalization supported by Steep, a deep-learning platform. This ensures each member embarks on a unique and fulfilling tea journey.


Product Range

The product range of Sips by is extensive, spanning across thousands of teas from hundreds of brands, big and small. This includes everything from large international brands to local tea shops and farms. Additionally, they've created their own product lines, such as Cookie Tea, Tea Kitten, Tiny Bee Tea, and Magic Moon. These blends focus on trending ingredients, botanicals for well-being, and delicious in-demand flavor profiles.


Core Values: More Than Just Tea

At its heart, Sips by is more than just a platform for teas. They view tea as a means for overall well-being, connection, and community. By hosting tea events, they provide members with opportunities to learn and share their tea experiences, promoting a culture of continuous learning.


Partnerships and Ethical Considerations

Sips by prides itself on partnering with diverse brands that align with its values. This includes women-owned, BIPOC-owned, AANHPI-owned, LGBTQIA-owned, and small business brands. They value brands with ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, contributing to a more eco-friendly and cruelty-free business ecosystem.


Membership Opportunities

Sips by offers two types of memberships: the free Tea Club Membership and the Discovery Tea Club Membership at $16/month. Both memberships offer personalized shopping, community events, and surprise member perks. However, the Discovery Tea Club membership comes with additional benefits like monthly tea discovery boxes, expert-led tea classes, and seasonal gifts with purchase. As a member, you get to enjoy the best of what Sips by has to offer.


Final Thoughts

Sips by is not just a tea discovery platform but a community of over a million tea lovers where you can explore, learn, and share your love for tea. It's a place that values diversity, sustainability, and ethical practices, and believes in the power of tea to bring joy, connection, and well-being. Join the Sips by journey today, and let them guide you to your perfect tea match.