For the Love of Dogs and the Environment: BeanProducts' Dedication to Eco-Friendly Dog Beds and their Impact

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For the Love of Dogs and the Environment: BeanProducts' Dedication to Eco-Friendly Dog Beds and their Impact

As pet owners, we strive to provide our beloved furry companions with the best in everything, from their diet to their playthings. But have you ever stopped to think about the environmental footprint of your pet products?

BeanProducts, a Chicago-based company founded in 1987, takes this into account with its dedication to creating sustainable, eco-friendly pet products, and their line of organic dog beds exemplifies this commitment.


BeanProducts' Environmentally Conscious Dog Beds 

Crafted from sustainable materials such as organic hemp and latex foam, BeanProducts'dog beds are both eco-friendly and resilient. Hemp, a strong and environmentally-friendly fabric, demands fewer resources for its production than other materials. Additionally, organic latex foam is an ideal component for pet products due to its biodegradability and lack of harmful chemicals.

The utilization of sustainable materials in pet products offers several advantages. It not only lessens the environmental impact related to pet ownership but also guarantees that pets are not exposed to dangerous chemicals or synthetic materials that could trigger allergies or other health issues.


BeanProducts' Tailor-Made Options 

BeanProducts' dog beds can be customized according to the pet owner's preferences, allowing them to select the size, color, and filling material that best suits their pet's requirements. This personalization benefits both the pet and the owner, as it ensures the bed provides the perfect fit and support for the pet's joints and muscles.

With a variety of colors available, pet owners can match the bed to their home decor. Customization also guarantees that the bed lasts longer, reducing waste and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.


BeanProducts' Superfill and Eco-Superfill Choices 

Conventional pet beds are frequently filled with materials that contribute to environmental degradation. For instance, expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads, commonly used in pet beds, are made from non-renewable fossil fuels and can take centuries to decompose in landfills.BeanProductsoffers eco-friendly alternatives with their recycled superfill and eco-superfill options.

Recycled superfill consists of a specially designed mix of 80% recycled polystyrene beads and 20% CertiPUR shredded foam, providing long-lasting support for pets while using sustainable and non-toxic materials. In contrast, eco-superfill is composed of 100% organic shredded latex foam, a biodegradable and natural option.


BeanProducts' Manufacturing Approach 

BeanProducts' devotion to sustainability encompasses their manufacturing practices as well. Most, if not all, of their production occurs within the United States, reducing the carbon footprint linked to transportation and promoting local employment. This commitment to domestic manufacturing also ensures high-quality standards for their products.


Explore Hemp Dog Beds by BeanProducts

1) Premium Hemp Dog Bed - Organic Latex Foam Fill

    • Hand-crafted, eco-friendly hemp dog bed
    • Available with organic latex foam fill
    • Price starts at $79.95


2) Premium Hemp Dog Bed - Lightweight CertiPUR Foam Fill

    • Hand-crafted, eco-friendly hemp dog bed
    • Available with lightweight CertiPUR foam fill
    • Price starts at $59.95


3) Hemp Dog Bed Covers

    • Price starts at $39.95


4) Cotton Duck Canvas Dog Bed - Lightweight CertiPUR Foam Fill

    • Dog bed made with burgundy cotton 10 oz. duck canvas
    • Available with CertiPUR recycled foam filling


Final Thoughts

As pet owners, we have an obligation to weigh the environmental consequences of the products we provide for our furry friends. BeanProducts' dedication to sustainable pet products serves as an excellent example of how companies can make a positive impact. By using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, providing customizable options, and incorporating recycled and organic fill choices, BeanProducts sets a high bar for the pet product industry.

We urge pet owners to explore environmentally-friendly alternatives for their pets, such as BeanProducts' range of organic dog beds. In doing so, we can lessen our environmental impact and guarantee the happiness and well-being of our pets.

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